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Personal Coaching with Isabel Palacios

A person's true beauty, worth, and power are all found within.

With proper guidance and training, anyone can learn to cultivate and unleash the power and confidence they were born with. Anyone can become the confident, powerful, positive, and limitless being of which they have always aspired to be. You owe it to yourself to harness the powers instilled in you from birth, and make the most of them, in order to become your best self!

This is why I have decided to offer personal, 1-on-1 coaching for those committed to their growth and the advancement towards becoming the person of their dreams! This program will be specifically tailored to you and your individual needs. 

After years of experience creating self-help content, building an audience of empowered beings, privately coaching, and transforming my own life through limitations, I believe a more personal approach to coaching and guidance will allow for more fundamental and lifelong change. My coaching is centered around the relationship you have with yourself, rebuilding the foundation of your self-esteem, self image, and belief system so that it will be intact for life. My goal is for your new mindset to always be working in your favor, even when you're not even aware. We will focus on building the foundation of the relationship you have with yourself, from within, so that it will be unshakable in the face of adversity.

What will I gain from your coaching?

My answer to this: whatever you desire. It is my personal mission to ensure you're equipped with the best tools, techniques, and mindset to solve any problem or achieve any goal you wish. Coaching with me will force you to level up in ways you never imagined! I will be sure to guide you along the way throughout our journey together with my maximum skill and expertise in whichever area you wish to focus upon. My only requirement is that you are 100% committed to this process. The energy you put in is what you will receive!

My personal clients will receive 1-hr sessions, delivered via either phone call or video chat, once a week for the client's chosen amount of time. These sessions will be administered by me and are 100% confidential. We will be working closely together to tackle any issues you may have in any of these categories:

  • Law of Attraction & Spirituality
  • Confidence/ Self-Esteem/ Self-Image
  • Finding Your Life's Purpose / Life Path
  • Cultivating Your Inner Goddess & The Divine Feminine
  • Personal Goals & Dreams
  • Improving Relationships and the Relationship With Yourself
  • Resetting Your Belief System 

Before we begin working together, it's vital that you get clear on what exactly you'd like out of my coaching. We can touch on a variety of areas you feel you need work in, but it's vital you choose what is most important to YOU. We all have different needs and life paths, therefore it's important that you're open and honest with yourself, and with me, when deciding what you wish to focus on. It's also vital to take into account the amount of time we are working together. The more time you choose to work with me, the more areas of your life we can improve upon! 

What do I need to do to begin?

I will need 100% of your commitment, energy, focus, and excitement for the journey we are about to embark on! Deciding to take the step in investing in yourself and your future is the catalyst for beautiful changes and a whole new mindset. Keep in mind, my coaching is only for those who are as excited as I am to create change in their life. If you're not going to be committed or open to my coaching, my programs are not for you. If you're ready to make the investment, commitment, and TRUST 100%, then I welcome you with open arms!

I require all of my clients to spend a minimum of 8 weeks, or 2 months working with me. 


  • 8 weeks (minimum) starting at $1600
  • 4 months
  • 6 months

Note: Working with me longer than 6 months is available by request. Fees will vary depending on individual needs and goals. 

Not convinced? See what some of my clients have to say:

Maria's Testimonial

"I have been watching Isabel on YouTube for 2 years now and automatically felt inspired and awe-struck by her. Her vibrant energy and loving soul encouraged me to reach out via social media and we got connected right away. When her program came out “The Confidence Charge Up” I found myself applying right away. Isabel has changed my life completely; the program was incredible, and it was something I never thought possible. I came into the program willing to change and accept any suggestions Isabel had to offer. Isabel treated me like a friend and a person while doing the one to one coaching, she was kind, loving and most importantly she encouraged me to take my power back. After 8 weeks I now walk into any room feelings confident, proud of who I am and unapologetically Maria. I have goals and Isabel has given me the confidence and power to take charge of my own life and manifest anything I could ever want. Isabel truly changed my life and I will forever be so thankful for her. 8 weeks and I am exactly who I want to be."

Cynthia's Testimonial

"Working with Isabel the past 8 weeks has honestly changed my life. Isabel is so patient and non judgmental. During our sessions it felt like I was talking to an old friend which made it so easy to open up and tell her things I was scared to admit to myself. We were able to get right to core issues that were holding me back and found HEALTHY ways to show up for yourself. Isabel truly cares about her clients and she even gave me the support and push I needed to start my own business! Working with Isabel was such a blessing and I feel so empowered and excited about my future!"

Genesis' Testimonial

 "Working with Isabel was really life changing. Having someone to guide you and help you grow in every area of your life is amazing. Isabel helped me understand how the universe, our minds and our self love can really help and impact our lives. I can proudly say I’m the most confident I’ve ever been and my growth has been incredible. Isabel always had the right words to say when I needed guidance with anything, she became a friend who I would be excited to talk to every week. Isabel was also very flexible with my crazy schedule. I could not recommend this course enough, I’m so very grateful I had the chance to work with such a beautiful soul like Isabel."

Haya's Testimony


"Going into the Confidence Charge-Up with Isabel, I was broken and lost after ending an abusive

relationship. I had become a shell of the person I was. I had lost belief in myself and the dreams I

once had, and still felt held back by narratives embedded in me from the phases of devaluation in

the relationship. I always thought I was a strong and a confident person, and when applying to

the program I was doubting every part of me that I was once proud of and embraced. I was

doubting my own existence and had lost sight of my life and purpose.

 Within one week of beginning her program, after one session, miracles began happening.

Opportunities were flowing. Friendships I had lost were flourishing again. Familial relationships

were improving. The universe was not only showing me my worth, but I also began feeling it

from within.

I was able to release my past. The projected negativity that had intoxicated my core was released

and I was no longer living in a dark and destructive situation, but one that was glowing,

supportive and abundant. With each coaching session, I was reminded of who I am at a very core

level, who I purely am unfazed by cultural limitations, generational curses, or impositions and

wraps of a toxic relationship. I am above the negative narratives imposed on me by toxic people

in life who tried to keep me down, who kept me from fulfilling my own passions and from being

who I genuinely am. I found my courage again; the courage to be authentically and fearlessly


 Isabel’s words are always encouraging. She is a powerful and enlightened mentor who beams

with love. She wants to ensure you reach your potential, and is willing to help you achieve that

every step of the way; reminding you of your own power, individuality and beauty. The

encouragement and motivation she instills is unparalleled. She has helped heal me from a point

that I was convinced I couldn’t break through from, a point where I had completely lost hope. I

now feel like I have found myself and recognize my higher-self. I not only see my higher self

within, but she also guides me every day. I no longer feel stuck, I am smiling and looking

forward to the future. With her help, I was able to screen negative people and situations and

instead nurture high vibe relationships. With her one-on-one guided meditation, I began rewiring

negative beliefs that were holding me back, some I was not even conscious of. With each session

I felt lighter, free, and more confident. She made me believe in myself and become a better

version of who I thought I was. I am more than what people think I am, say I am, or perceive me

to be.

I am profusely grateful to her. With her guidance, I have aligned with my goals and purpose,

those that are true to my higher self. She was sure to always remind me of how far I’ve come.

She helped establish a sense of value and worth in me that I no longer question what I say, do or

who I am. I have transcended the self-doubt and deprecation, and I have transcended societal and

independent bounds that I was made to believe I could not cross.

 The emerged confidence within in me is also reflected in the relationships I have around me, I

am seeing positive changes even in relationships I once was intimidated by. My own confidence

began seeping into these relationships, easing tensions that were once there and planting seeds of

growth and trust.

She has made me believe that nothing should get in the way of me being my confident true and

higher self, and she fosters this from week 1. She helped me witness and believe how the

universe will work in your favor. She paves the path of your awakening and evolution by

intention, and you begin believing in your power and place in this world as a unique and

confident individual.

She has reminded me of my value to this world and helped me established techniques in setting

boundaries, as well as learning to focus on my strengths and molding them to help serve my

higher self and purpose.

She made me realize I am a unique and resilient individual and instilled faith in me to recognize

what a waste it is for me to shy from that, to be stifled and shut down by toxic situations and

relationships that don’t support or value my higher self and purpose. The course is not easy. You

have to be prepared to go within, to confront things you were trying to escape from. Internal

conflicts arise to the surface and you are awakened to things that may unconsciously have been

burdening you, There is no better individual to walk you through your struggles, pain, and

entrapment than Isabel. Her extraordinary vibration resonates through and her healing aura

encourages you to face all that is within with a trust that you will break through more confident,

stronger and lighter. She is a beautiful being inside and out, and I am so grateful for her. Every

minute of our sessions was a valuable one. Every interaction is intentional and she is committed

to inspiring and transforming you. She is a goddess through and through, and she will truly make

you feel and believe that you are one too."

How Can I Get Started?

Due to the intensive nature of my coaching, I can only take a handful of clients for this upcoming session. This will allow me to better serve each client and cater fully to their individual needs. 

The clients that I choose must be 100% committed to their personal growth and willing to invest in themselves to finally create the ultimate mindset of confidence and self-love.

Clicking the button below will take you to the Coaching Questionnaire. Please fill it out completely with your primary email. By submitting the form, you are asserting that you are aware of the intensive nature of my coaching and are therefore ready to dive deep into your mindset and Self to transform your entire being

Please understand that I will be only selecting clients that are truly hungry and passionate about the change they need in their lives! Therefore, I have to be very selective in the interviewing process. Spots are also very limited so fill out the form ASAP.  If you are selected, you will be notified by email and given directions on booking our FREE introductory call. The purpose of the call will be to see if we are fit for each other, to get to know you better, and to see if my coaching will help you and your individual needs!

Currently taking clients for late January-February 2020!